Resolve mediation, a better way forward 

We are a boutique mediation service specialising in family law matters, including parenting, property and finance and s.60I certificates.

We understand how stressful conflict is, especially when it involves family and finances. We care about helping you resolve your issues, so you can move forward without going to court. 

We strive to provide you with the care and attention you need in a safe, supported and confidential process.

You will see the same mediator throughout the process to ensure consistency and to avoid retelling your story. 
We do not take sides nor impose decisions on you.

We are experienced Lawyers, Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Nationally Accredited Mediators.

We believe that everyone should have access to experienced, excellent and timely service at a reasonable cost and have set our fees accordingly.

We are conveniently located in Hawksburn Village, Toorak and offer telephone, Zoom and face-to-face appointments.