Step 1: Contact Us

Call us or email through an inquiry form to make an appointment or to request a call back from a mediator – we will get straight back to you.

Step 2: Initial Appointment

Your mediator will meet with each party individually for a confidential discussion to understand your situation, discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and provide you with information and referrals. We will also use this time to determine if mediation is the best process for you and assist in your preparation for next steps.

Step 3: Mediation

Following each party’s initial appointment, mediation usually proceeds. This session can take place with parties in the same room or separate rooms, and with or without lawyers.
Parties will have the opportunity to express their needs, concerns and ideas. We will assist you to identify the issues both parties would like to discuss. Together, we will explore a range of options and solutions to assist parties to make decisions that are acceptable to everyone.

Step 4: Agreements

Any agreements reached in mediation will be documented and provided to all parties. These agreements are not legally binding. If parties wish, they may take the agreement to a lawyer to be drawn up into a legally binding document. This can be discussed at the mediation session.